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 So guys how cool would it be if mike got this over the road trucking thing. 4 days a week no mike? FUCK YEA!!!!!!!!!! but hopefully i wont be there for that long lol. Input please! lol
 Fuck guys i think im like really really done with this shit ( mike as you know). I know you guys have been sayin shit for a long time lol but its to the point to where i dont even give a shit about anything. Like he's just sucking all the things that make me,me out and i dont want to be like that. Like a nasty dick with no consideration for anyone else and a conplusive fucking liar.( Or acting like his fucking mom all the time!). And i just keep getting more and more depressed each day and feeling like shit all the time. And then him just being oblivious about everything all the time fuck! what the hell how is that possible? And now my rant is all disrupted from you know who so i'll probally right more stuff later


 i have a gay little confession to make that i've been wanting to say for a bit. I might have this stupid little crush on robbie. idk make fun you guys are lol

Nov. 26th, 2010

 WE SHOULD GO DO KRISTI'S IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


 my names kim and im a loser.


 So fuck.....  idk why shit cant just get done. Everyone always has to procrastinate about bullshit that just pisses everyone off around them. Or atleast me, idk. And being ignored is getting tiring too. Why do they suck? Well anyway it was pretty nice to see Mr. Danvers and his daughters today. Hopefully  make some extra money and spend on you guys know what! HA HA! Because weed is the only thing that seems to do anything good. Maybe presents lol but you guys all ready know what that is : ). And i'll probably rant about other shit later. See you guys when you get here!


 be jealous of my awesome fucking icons!


 Thanksgiving is my favorite fucking holiday cuz i get to stuff my fucking face NOMNOMBNOMNOMONOMNOMNOM!!!!!!!!!!


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